Read our participant and staff testimonials and

see for yourself why young Jewish adults are

choosing Tailor Made Birthright!


"I'm from New Jersey originally. This is my very first time in Israel and I never

fully connected to my Jewish identity until I came here. I had my very first

Shabbat, I got to pray at the Western Wall, and I've never felt more

connected to a community. I've made some of the best friends of my

entire life, and I am definitely coming back."

- Abigail, 2022 Participant


"Being a staff on Tailor Made Birthright allowed me to impart my love for Israel to those who had never been before. One memory I have is Friday night at the beach. We shared one thing that was most meaningful to us on the trip so far, and I watched two sisters share how being in Israel together and finally being part of a Jewish community was so important to them. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity to lead a Tailor Made Birthright trip. The past 10 days have been crazy impactful, and it was an amazing opportunity."

- Madison, 2022 Staff


"I absolutely love Israel. I feel way more connected to the Jewish people and my ancestors than I ever have in my whole life. This country is filled with love, family, and pride. Birthright is the best thing I ever decided to do!"

- Miranda, 2022 Participant


"This is my first time in Israel. I wanted to come here to connect with my Jewish culture, but I was surprised by how much I connected with the Jewish religion. Our staff member said that at the end of the trip you guys are going to be like family, andI feel like I made forever friends. It's been an amazing experience."

- Brian, 2022 Participant

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