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About Us

Tailor Made delivers a modern, relevant and authentic Birthright Israel experience.

We offer fun, flexible and exciting itineraries. We believe our participants should have the opportunity to experience Israel as locals and connect to their Jewish identity at their own pace.

Tailor Made is committed to being eco-friendly and community-oriented. Our goal is to offer our participants a genuine and unique opportunity to spend their time in Israel alongside locals. 

About Birthright Israel

Birthright Israel began with a bold idea—offering a free, life-changing trip to Israel for young Jewish adults between the ages of 18 and 26 and, in doing so, transforming the Jewish future. 


Our mission is to give every Jewish young adult around the world, especially the less connected, the opportunity to visit Israel on an educational trip. Today, Birthright Israel is the largest educational tourism organization in the world that has given over 800,000 journeys to the magical state of Israel.

Our hope is that our trips motivate young people to continue to explore their Jewish identity and support for Israel and maintain long-lasting connections with the Israelis they meet on their trip. We encourage our alumni to take active roles in Jewish organizations and to participate in follow-up activities worldwide.


Josephine Zander is the founder and president of Tailor Made Tours with over 30 years of experience in the tourism industry. Since its establishment in October 2000, Josephine has built Tailor Made Tours into one of the top five leading Israel travel companies and number one in service. 


Mrs. Josephine Zinder


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Daniel Weitzmann is a highly rated tour educator, and his skills and specialization in both domestic and international tourism have made Daniel an invaluable member of the Tailor Made Birthright Israel Team.

Director of Education

Daniel Weitzmann


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Alyssa has recently taken on the role of VP of Customer Success. She is currently streamlining the registration process and showing thousands of participants
what made her fall in love with Israel
in the first place!

Customer Success

Alyssa Kaminsky

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Tatiana’s passion for Israel and love for people drives her work. With a past working at various pro- Israel, non-profits and educational institutions, Tatiana brings
her past experience and knowledge to our Birthright participants. Additionally, Tatiana oversees the Mifgashim (Israelis who
join Birthright) department. 

Director of Program

and Outreach

Tatiana Katz

More About Birthright Israel..


Elina Vilenchuk has recently taken on the position of Director of Growth. With a great passion for bringing Jewish people to Israel, she continues to find ways and opportunities for Tailor Made to grow and for more participants to be able to experience the land of Israel. 

Director of Growth

Elina Vilenchuk


How do we do it?

Founded in 1999 by a remarkable group of committed Jewish philanthropists led by Charles Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt, Birthright Israel aims to give every young Jewish person equal opportunity to explore life’s most important questions. About identity, community, connection to a homeland.


The gift of a Birthright Israel trip is made possible thanks to the generous support of many sources, including the State of Israel, the program’s founders and other philanthropists, the Jewish Federation system and Keren Hayesod, the Jewish Agency for Israel, parents of trip participants, alumni of the program, and thousands of individuals donors from around the world who believe in our mission.


In North America, Birthright Israel Foundation raises the necessary funds thanks to 30,000+ donors each year, to ensure that Birthright Israel remains a gift to young Jewish adults for years to come. Learn more at BirthrightIsrael.Foundation >




Twenty years ago, when Birthright Israel was launched, there was a crisis in the Jewish world – Jews in the diaspora were steadily drifting away from their heritage, their traditions and their community. 


The program that began as an experiment has been extraordinarily successful; it is enhancing the vibrancy of Jewish life in countries around the globe. 

Since its inception in December 1999, over 800,000 participants took part in Birthright Israel, more than 115,000 of which are Israelis. They come from 68 countries including all 50 U.S states, Canadian provinces, and nearly 1,000 North American colleges and universities. 


80% Of participants consider Birthright Israel a life-changing experience – an approval rate any brand would envy.


Birthright Israel programs have contributed $1.5 billion to the Israeli economy.


Since Birthright Israel’s inception, the Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies (CMJS) at Brandeis University has conducted rigorous research to evaluate the program and learn about its impact on the current generation of Jewish young adults. The evidence from the Brandeis studies indicates that participation in Birthright Israel positively alters participants’ trajectory of Jewish engagement and connection to Israel.

To learn more about the research >



Join our talented team.

If you'd like to dedicate yourself to the important Birthright mission of bringing young jews from around the globe to visit and connect with Israel, send us an email with why you'd like to join our team and your resume.

We'll let you know if we're hiring.

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