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Looking to return to Israel on a month-long program?

Sign up for the Tel-Aviv Event Planning and Marketing Fellowship Winter 2024!

Experience Israel like a local! Expand your time on Birthright through a 4-week Onward fellowship from January 8th - February 5th, 2024, giving you the opportunity to live in Tel-Aviv, immerse yourself in Israeli culture, and gain professional business, marketing, and event  planning skills. Our fellowship includes trips throughout Israel, apartment style accommodations, immersive group activities and lots of

free time to truly experience Israel in your own way.

Immerse in Israeli Culture

From trips around Israel, to weekend activities with local Israelis you'll have the opportunity to explore all Israeli culture has to offer! 

Professional Enrichment

While on this program, you'll learn how to effectively market, plan, and run various events throughout the country! Additionally you'll be attending events ran by our partner, DTLV!

Live in Israel Like a Local

You'll have the opportunity to live like a local with apartment-style accommodations, authentic local interactions and more, while on this program! 


In this fellowship, you will receive professional enrichment in event planning, production, operations, photography, marketing, sales, social media, business development, graphic design, web development, video editing and more. By the completion of your program, using the skills you have developed during your enrichment program, you and your peers will plan and execute an event in central Tel Aviv!


The program has a cost of $400 (+$20 Processing Fee). The program cost includes housing, content and educational programs, program staff, medical insurance, partial laundry provisions, and ground transportation within the city of residence. Participants are responsible for their own spending money (including the cost of food). In addition, participants will be required to submit a $100 USD or 400 ILS in cash upon arrival. . Deposits will be refunded at the end of the program pending good standing. 

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