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Israel All Together

Trip Dates: Dec 22 2022 - Jan 1st 2023

The Israel All Together Birthright Trip targets participants with autism spectrum disorder, and other intellectual and developmental disabilities, who have lower support needs. Our vision for this trip is to provide participants with an exceptional Birthright Israel educational experience tailored to accommodate their social, emotional, and physical needs. This includes having a higher staff-to-participant ratio, hiring staff trained to work with young adults with ASD and other developmental disabilities, unique itinerary elements, and other accommodations that aid in making travel on a Birthright Israel less overwhelming, like minimizing hotel/room transfers and moving through activities at a slower pace.


To be accepted to join this trip, you must fit the standard Birthright eligibility factors. These include being between ages 18-29, having at least one Jewish parent, identifying as being Jewish, having never been to Israel on an organized

trip after high school, and not having lived in Israel after the age of 12 for more than 3 months. Additionally, mental and behavioral health professionals will do additional screening via a phone or Zoom interview to ensure this applicant will be successful on this specific trip.

What to Expect

The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Birthright trip, in most ways, is like any other Birthright trip. The main differences include: a better staffing ratio, fewer “bases” and changes in hotels, and a slightly “gentler” pace. The ASD trip will show important highlights of Israel, such as Jerusalem (including the Western Wall), Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, and Masada. We will have a special group Shabbat experience, learn about the Holocaust and the role of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), and we will get to know Israeli peers as some who currently serve in the IDF will be joining us for the entire trip.


In our many years of experience with this ASD trip, we have learned that the more senses that can be engaged, the better. Israel is truly a multi-sensory classroom. Some of the special activities we are exploring include:


  • Shekel Cafe: Meeting with participants who are on the autism spectrum to learn about their work and inclusion experiences in Israel.

  • Tzaad Beshnayim: A horse stable where horses are utilized in therapy for children with disabilities.

  • Camel Care: A Tailor Made staple activity where participants visit a camel “spa,” feed, interact and take photos. No riding at this spa!

  • Leket Israel: packing food packages for Israel’s needy families.

  • Hashomer Hachadash: Connect with Israel through agriculture by helping farmers in the fields (if weather permits)

  • De Karina Chocolate Factory: Interactive chocolate-making factory

  • Visit the fascinating and engaging blind and/or deaf museum in Holon

  • Ein Kshatot Kabbalat Shabbat experience: A tour of an ancient Jewish archeological site. On Fridays, visitors participate in special live musical tours in honor of the approaching Shabbat.


*Activities may vary

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