What are our values?

For us, it’s about connecting with and caring for the world we live in and making a positive impact wherever we go. It’s about respecting and understanding culture, environment, and community. Now more than ever, we get how essential that is on a personal and collective level.


We believe traveling responsibly gives us a more authentic and meaningful experience.


Israel is much more than a travel destination, it’s your home. Birthright Israel trips connect you on a whole new level with yourself, the land, and the people. We want you to feel good about the way you’re traveling and really connect with the Israeli experience. Local, authentic, fun, and as earth-friendly as possible with lots of breathing room so you can really take it all in. 


We don’t claim perfection. We’re just trying to stay aware and keep improving. We know that when we travel we leave a footprint, so we want to start this conversation with you about our values and how we're acting on them. 


Real sustainability is all about taking small steps now to make a better tomorrow.

The More Local,

The More Authentic...

  • Hit up local spots and support the community. Get a real taste of Israel- the sweet, the salty, and the spicy. 

  • Build bonds with Israelis.  The Israeli soldiers on your trip become your friends for life and really make you feel like you’re at home. And, who knows what other locals you might meet along the way!

  • Put your trust in guides who really know their stuff. Our Israeli guides know every inch of Israel, and we’re curating trips for you that hit all the hotspots- Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, The Dead Sea plus some hidden gems.

Getting Greener…

  • Sleep sounder at high-quality accommodations that are as eco-conscious as possible. Israel is famous for its reputation as eco-innovator!

  • Use less plastic. We’re switching out plastic bottles for refillables. 

  • Give back & then kick back. Introducing our new line of beach clean-up parties!

  • Explore with a clear conscious. Our expert guides know how to protect the environment as they bring it to life.

  • Let’s go paperless! We can email you the important stuff and stay connected on social media.

What about the animals?

  • Vegan? We got you- Israel is known as the vegan capital of the world and we have options for everyone.

  • Our trips offer an alternative to camel riding. We believe it's better to appreciate Israel's wildlife and animals from afar.

Feeling inspired? So are we.


Come join us in Israel on a Tailor Made Birthright Israel trip and let’s take this journey together.