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Welcome to Tailor Made staffing! In order to staff a trip with Tailor Made you must meet the following requirements below.


As a member of our team, you will be sharing the beautiful gift Birthright Israel offers with thousands of jewish people worldwide! 

  • What are the responsibilities of staffing a Birthright Israel trip?
    The responsibilities of staffing a Birthright Israel trip include preparing participants before their trip, meeting and leading the group at the airport, supporting the Israeli tour educator throughout the trip, serving as a role model for participants, and leading activities and discussions.
  • Am I eligible to staff a trip?
    To staff a trip you must be at least 21 years of age, have leadership qualities, as well as enthusiasm and a passion for Israel.
  • Is there payment involved?
    While the position is unpaid, all expenses are covered for the whole duration of the trip including your flights. Additionally, in most cases, staff members are able to extend once the trip is over. Tailor Made does not cover staff travel costs to the departure airport within the United States.
  • Can I staff if I live in Israel?
    We can make arrangements for individuals who live in Israel and would like to staff a trip. If you'd still like to apply, but at a later time, feel free to reach out to us in the future and apply then!
  • What does the trip entail?
    Our trips are on average 10 days long. The trip consists of 40 participants, 1 Female staff, 1 Male staff, 1 tour educator, and 1 medic/security guard.
  • I submitted my application, now what?
    We will review your application and be in touch shortly! You will be invited to staff training dates are selected. Due to limited trip availability, we cannot absolutely guarantee you a staffing position, even if you meet all the requirements. We ask for your patience in advance and promise to be fully open and fair with you at every stage. Once you have been officially selected to staff a trip, we will guide you through all the requirements entailed of being a Tailor Made Birthright Israel staffer.
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