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Take Action and Support Israel!

Join us in volunteering for Israel in Israel

Following the October 7th attacks, Israelis from diverse backgrounds came together in a joint volunteer initiative to aid the displaced border communities and support the security services. During this critical time, we encourage you to join us in expressing solidarity with the people of Israel, right in Israel.

Please read below for more information.

Have any questions? Please contact

Dates and Trips
ALL accommodations are located in Tel Aviv with travel to volunteer sites

March 5th - March 18th (14 day)

April 3rd- April 16th (14 day)

April 8 - 14th (8 day)


You will be volunteering 4-6 hours a day. Volunteering will take place in logistical centers, packaging food & clothing for displaced communities, security service, etc. As well as in Agricultural sites, assisting farmers harvesting crops so they don’t go to waste and can be donated to those who are in need now more than ever.

What is Included

  • Accommodations in central Tel Aviv.  2-3 volunteers per room. Each accommodation will have a safe room. 

  • A weekly $100 food stipend

  • Volunteering Projects

  • Local Medical Insurance

  • Airport Transfers

  • Social & Educational Activities


Arrange your own flight and get reimbursed as follows:

  • North America: $700 USD
    Europe & FSU: $500 USD
    Latin America: $900 USD
    Other Countries: $700 USD

  • Reimbursements are issued following program completion with a receipt. Reimbursements cannot exceed the ticket cost.
    Reimbursements are available for flights starting February 26

Application Process

  • Submit your application & choose your progam dates

  • Schedule your interview

  • If accepted, receive an offical acceptance email and pay $50 USD registration fee (non-refundable)

  • Upload additional documents (e.g. passport, medical form)

  • Book your flight & purchase travel insurance

  • Pay $250 USD security deposit (refundable at program's end)

  • Pack your bags to come volunteer in Israel!

Have any questions? Please contact


  • Ages: 18-40

  • Identifying as Jewish

  • English Speaking from anywhere in the world

  • Passport is valid for 6+ months from your arrival date

  • Any prior Israel experience is OK

** Please note, participating in Volunteering in Israel program will not affect your future eligibility for Birthright Israel, Onward, or Masa programs

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